he Prophecy of Sag d’Ma Cuer’ Dermar*

The Lure of Prophecy
Posted Fri, Nov 5, 2004 by Sha'mad Conde


The Gatherings of Destiny

The gap shall be bridged between dust and water, as the heart of the spear awakens.
The blackened tongue and the absent eye shall focus
The Shadow’s Sworn shall oppose The Shadow’s Born.
She shall join the keys and make the choice
Breaker of Wills, or Destroyer of Paths.
Even as the Dragon beats his wings upon the winds of time.

-A surviving fragment from “Sag d’Ma Cuer’ Dermar” (approximate translation “Time of the Willbreaker”) Author unknown.

Author's comments:

...and so it begins...

This is the beginning of my first attempt at a WoT serial story, named The Lure of Prophecy. I have written numerous short stories before, but have never written anything quite like this. Ideally, I will post one chapter about once every month, continuing the story that I have started here. I would like for each new chapter to come out at the same time as the first comic of each month. For now, that means that each chapter would come out on the first Wednesday or Friday of a given month.

This prelude, titled "The Gatherings of Destiny" started out as a Word document, and ended up being 18 pages long. I do not know if the following chapters will remain the same size, but this serial will be one continuous story arc. I certainly hope you enjoy it, and hope that you return every month to read the next chapter. Happy

Herein lies the 'Mad plot that many have been dreading. I can't help it if people defined the word "Plot" differently than I intended... Big Grin I told everyone again and again that there was nothing to worry about, but did they believe me? NOOOOOOO... I never lied in either the WEEEE thread or the Updates post. I can't help it if you jumped to the wrong conclusions; Turns out the 'Mad Plot was just a... 'Mad plot, after all. Razz

I would like to extend a special thank-you to Dave "It's just a comic, people!" Doyle A.K.A. Burnout for providing me with a place to write my story. I also greatly appreciate all he has done in getting this program set up so that I could post this story on a monthly basis.

I would like to dedicate this story to a certain special group of people:

For The Three (A,B, and C)
My Co-conspirators,
My Tormenters,
My Editors,
My Inspirations,
My Test-subjects,
My Friends. Happy

~May you always find shade and water.

-'Mad Crazy

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