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The Lure of Prophecy
Posted Wed, Dec 1, 2004 by Sha'mad Conde

Koreauras regained his balance even as the Warder fell to the ground, the spear still jutting from his back. He drew a second spear while scanning the room, knowing that he would have to act quickly if he was going to retain the element of surprise. His eyes briefly fell upon the body of the swordsman that had been assisting Torran against the Warder mere seconds ago. The Swordsman now lay dead in a heap near the wall, looking as though he had been thrown against the wall with great force. His arms and neck looked like they had been broken by the impact, giving the swordsman a rag doll appearance.

Koreauras' eyes met Torran’s as the implication of the swordsman’s sudden and bizarre death sank in, and they turned to face the blonde woman that had been battling Mallah. Facing against an Aes Sedai was almost suicide, but Koreauras hoped that either he or Torran would be enough of a distraction to be of assistance to Mallah. Then this other Aes Sedai -if that is what she was- would be defeated, and he could part ways with these wetlanders.

The blonde woman was near the very rigid form of Mallah, who was standing in a very unnatural way on her toes with her arms pressed tightly to her sides. The blonde woman was looking right at them, with a look of sheer rage and hatred on her face. Koreauras had just enough time to hear Torran grunt loudly and suddenly fly backward against a wall before he himself was blown off his feet by a very solid unseen force. The impact propelled him backward out of the window he had first crashed through, his flailing limbs knocking out the remaining glass. Blackness overwhelmed him before he had a chance to even comprehend what had happened.

Author's comments:

Oops, did I leave it on a cliffhanger? Silly me... I originally hadn't intended to. Big Grin Unless I read my calendar wrong, the next installment will come out on January 5th. I have a lot of reworking to do of the second half of chapter 1 so that it will fit in with later events.

Editing credits: Shadowkiller and Arrin "Captain Lurk" Heslin. Thanks, guys! Searching for dangling participles is tedious, I know... Wink

Ironically, Burn posted THIS COMIC right before this part of the story went live. Little did he know when he made that comic that it would be a good commentary on the Mallah verses "The Unknown Blonde" battle, too. Guess we were on the same page at the time...

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