The Lure of Prophecy
Posted Fri, Nov 5, 2004 by Sha'mad Conde

A patron at the Mercer’s shop watched the Aes Sedai and her Warder leave with the combatants from the alley, and smiled. His mistress was right; Mallah Sedai had taken the bait as his mistress said she would, which meant the Cuer’ Dermar would soon belong to his Mistress. The Domani wilder wench was too tempting of a prize for any Aes Sedai to pass up, which made her the perfect pawn. His Mistress had hatched the perfect plan: The bait was perfectly innocent and naive, they would have no hint or warning of the trap they now headed toward. She even had a contingency plan should anything go wrong, Mallah had no idea of the living weapon now pointed at her. Mallah, the Warder, her Accepted, and the Domani would have to die when their usefulness was at an end.

And the others…

…when the time came, they would die too.

Author's comments:

I will post Chapter One, titled "The Parchment’s Lure" at the beginning of next month, on December 1st. You will get to meet a few new people, and also will get to watch the story continue from the perspective of Koreauras. You will also get to see the story from the point of view of some of the others that you have already met, though I am not going to reveal exacty who yet. A lot of this story is "written out" in my head. I know what is going to happen with this story, I just haven't decided how exactly to get there. Happy

...As for what new characters will be introduced, let's just say that the bad guys haven't had a chance to make a proper entrance yet, the "Patron" above not withstanding.

Writing this has created some surprises for me. Some of the elements that I thought would be difficult to write were surprisingly easy, and some of the elements that I thought would be easy were more difficult than I expected. Writing out a battle was one part that was more difficult than expected. You have to balance description with pace, too much or not enough of either and the story suffers. This is definitely a learning experience for me. Happy I hope that you stick with me as I "learn by doing" and forgive the errors that may (and probably will) show up as I write this...

This comic is rather poignant for me, now. Razz

It is done by Tauhid Bondia and Erik McCurdy, Tauhid used to do a webcomic called "Spells and Whistles" until he hit the big time. Happy It was a rather fun little DnD satire. I wish him luck with Suzie View.

Special side note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY UTOPIAN! Disco (November 6th, if I remember correctly)

I would like to extend a special thank-you to Arrin, Biahancha, (or should I say "Biahannanannanacha"? Wink) Caira, and Shadowkiller for their assistance in editing this. Happy

...until next month...

-'Mad Crazy

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