Tue, Oct 7, 2003 – 125: Bunk Buddies?

Bunk Buddies?

Tue, Oct 7, 2003 - 8:00am
By: burnout

This strip is obviously a bit of a play on the cluelessness of the guys. In WoT, the fellas of course each think that one of the others has all the answers when it comes to women. Which of course they don't. I also wanted to possibly contribute an idea to RJ. Since the Aes Sedai have "Pillow Friends", in the name of equality, is it not fair to have the male equivalent? Obviously I wanted to make a "gay joke" in the strip but I agonized how to end it since I'm not particularly interested in being a gay basher. This strip almost used the US military "Don't ask, don't tell" bit but I ended up feeling that it was a slight. So I went with the ever loved Seinfeld line. Good ol' Seinfeld. Can't go wrong there. Happy

The whole thing with the guys in WoT is something I've heard from many a guy (and indeed, said myself): I just don't understand women. When you think about it, that's really crap. What guys don't get are individuals. It's got nothing to do with women. Same goes for all the women who say they don't get guys. I'll bet you any money that if you go up to a lesbian and ask her she'll say "I don't get women" and if you walk up to a gay guy he'll say "I don't get men" and if you walk up to a bisexual they'll say "I don't get... anybody". It's such an easy excuse to say that "I don't get women". Use your ears and listen. Use your brain and actually think about what you listened to. You'll be alright.

At least that's what I'm clinging to. Happy

And now for something completely different: Aegnor, the forums favourite Norwegian (well... the only Norwegian... but he's still special), made up a couple of WoT now? wallpapers. Jump over to Fun Stuff to have a look see. I like 'em a lot.

Now, I'm going to plop myself down on the couch and watch some NFL football. As I write this rant on a fine Monday night I realize what a crappy day it's been. Stayed home from work because of some intense nausea. Puking my guts up all over the place. It's impressive how much you can puke. Even when there's no food left in your stomach (I got rid of all that yesterday). The body seems to be able to produce prodigious amounts of bile for just such an occasion.

You're welcome for that.

And it's a really disgusting radioactive green kinda colour.

You're welcome for that too.

Other than feeling like I've got some siamese fighting fish in my stomach I'm okay. At least I don't have diarhea.

That one was a freebie.

My throat is ripped to hell from all the puking so I'm going to relax, watch some NFL football (Go Colts!) and go to bloody sleep.

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