Thu, Jul 10, 2003 – G2: The Mat and Tuon Saga

The Mat and Tuon Saga

Thu, Jul 10, 2003 - 8:00am
By: burnout

Today is the first of 4 guest strips that will be showcased on the site. The next three strips will be posted Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Many huge thanks to Abigail Goldsmith for this. This brief look at Tuon and Mat is very funny... and you gotta love the cute bald-headed little Tuon... although Mat seems to be examining some of Selucia's, ahem, attributes.

That's Abby on the right there. She'll probably kill me for posting that... but she's 3 hours behind me so by the time she sees I'll have been at work for hours. Heh heh. I wanted to see if I could get her to write the rants to accompany the strips but she either (a) didn't get my E-Mail in time, (b) I was asleep when she responded or (c) didn't want to do it. We'll see if she does for the second strip on Monday.

I've plugged Abby's site before, but if you haven't checked her stuff out... well, you should. Happy She's a WoT fan, aspiring novelist and a genuine artist (unlike me). The site has a number of things both WoT and non-WoT. There's some WoT fan art, other art, some creative writing... heck, she's even made some WoT AIM Buddy icons.

Go check out her boyfriend's music while you're at it at for a few free MP3's. I've posted this before... but I still like it. So I'll keep telling you about it. So there.

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