About the comic

It's a parody people.

So what's this about anyway? Not much really. It's just a comic. I've always wanted a creative outlet for myself and this seemed to be the way to do it. Being an avid reader of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, I thought that Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series was an excellent source of material. I have a love hate relationship with the series. I love the characters and I love the first bunch of books, but around somewhere in Lord of Chaos I kinda got pissed at Jordan. I thought he became just a little bit long winded. It's getting better now, but I'm still bitter.

Simply put: Rand is an idiot, Mat has only brief flashes of intelligence and poor Perrin has to stop his friends from getting him in trouble. You will never see Faile though. She'll be part of the comic as a jealous, ultra-violent entity that always seems to be out of frame. Meanwhile, every sort of evil shadowspawn is out to catch our heroes. The cast will expand over time but I won't be writing storylines that are as complex as Jordan himself. This is for fun after all.

As such, this strip will be a somewhat irreverent parody. If you haven't read the books this is gonna be a pretty useless strip to you. Go read them and come back.

The comic was inspired by Bob and George, a truly funny Megaman sprite comic. You should check it out. A big thanks out to the spriting community in the forums there. Since there are already a plethora of Megaman comics, I thought I'd try a new twist on an old formula. There will be storylines. There will be one off useless comics. Hopefully there will be someone to read them and perhaps even crack a smile on occasion. That is all I ask. Well, that and a 1965 Corvette Mako Shark II concept car. Maybe a great big wad of cash too.

About the author

Otherwise known as burnout.

Name: Dave Doyle
DOB: Nov 24, 1976
Height: 5'8" (I'm the tallest guy in my family. Scary, eh?)
Profession: Programmer (professional geek)

The name is Dave. Not a real original name is it? It's mine though. Kinda sucks too. In OAC English (OAC stands for "Ontario Academic Credit"... which was basically grade 13... don't ask, Ontario High schools are messed up). I was in a class of 19 students. There were 5 Dave's. I sat next to a Dave. Two Dave's sat behind us. The only intelligent one sat at the front of the class. My online moniker is burnout. Why? Well, there was cool comic character named burnout (from the now defunct Gen13). Or it could be the fact that I was a really high strung teenager. Don't worry, I'm fine now.

I'm the son of a minister and a teacher... the first of three kids but the only boy. I live in the Big Smoke: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Do you know what that means? You're going to have to put up with words like colour and honour and favourite. That's how they're supposed to be spelled. I have decreed it so!

Did you actually read all that? Damn, I thought I was pathetic. You read this whole piece of badly written ego-fondling self-promotion? Just go read the comic.

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