Tue, Sep 18, 2007 – 235: Goodbye but not farewell RJ

stunned disbelief

Wed, Sep 19, 2007 - 12:24am
By: burnout

You know, I never thought the first comic back would be this... and if I thought there was anyone who could beat the odds, it was RJ.

I was away most of this past weekend and came back to work on Monday to see an email from an old friend. I'd been away from my computer all weekend so I didn't know.

As soon as I heard I instantly thought of this tribute to Mel Blanc. I don't pretend this is of that caliber, but that piece is something that touched me when I saw it and I wanted to do something similar.

My sympathies to his wife Harriet and Brother/Cousin Wilson who so graciously kept us up to date with RJ's condition. I think the entire WoT community mourns with you.

There are few authors that have impacted and helped revitalize a genre like Robert Jordan. I also think that there are very few people in the world, famous or not, who could so publicly discuss their fight against so rare and difficult a disease.

This battle was lost. The battle continues. I urge all of you to donate even a few dollars to amyloidosis research or really reasearch of any kind that has taken a loved one from you.

Update: You can contribute directly to the Mayo Clinic who treated RJ.

The creator has awoken from the dream

Wed, Sep 19, 2007 - 1:27am
By: Shadowkiller

*cries on BO's shoulder*

I intend to do some sort of tribute week of comics starting within the next week or so on my website. Intentions may be as far from actions, but they do mean something. Keep your eyes out.

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